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Alkanet root will color your soap anywhere from a pinkish red to a bluish purple to a muted blue-grey. The shade of color largely depends on how much alkanet is used and what oils you use in your receipe and the PH of your soap - as the soap cures, the color will change. This is due to the colorant being sensitive to the changes in pH.  For best results, use oils in your recipe that produce a relatively white soap and try to avoid fragrance or essential oils that will drastically change the shade of your product. Alkanet Root Powder can be added to soap in two ways:

  • at trace - add up to 1tsp. per kg of oils - it can be hard to incorporate and tends to give a speckled look

  • infused in the base oil - works much better and gives a more even color. Infuse one of your base oils; for example olive oil. Add 2.5 tablespoons of powder per 1/2 kg of oil, or 1 tablespoon of powder to 1 cup of oil.  Stir it well and let it sit for a week or two, shaking the  container (a mason jar works well) every couple of days or so. After the alkanet is successfully infused strain through a coffee filter or strainer then use the infused olive oil in your recipe as usual.  The higher percentage of color infused oil that you use in your recipe, the deeper the shade will be.  A good result is obtained when approx 15-30% of your total oil in the receipe is the infused oil.


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Alkanet, a botanical cousin to borage, also known as dyer’s bugloss, yields a deep red to purple dye, which is used to stain wood, fabrics, wines, soaps, lotions, lip balms and other cosmetics.

Plant parts used: root

Appearance: a fine, reddish colored powder

Country of Origin: Pakistan