Indigo Powder - blue

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Indigo powder will create a beautiful blue hue in your soaps. The shade is very similar to that of blue denim. A little goes a VERY long way with this natural soap colorant. Use just 1 teaspoon per kg of oil. 

Adding it to your lye water produces a much better blue than adding it at trace. If you add it at trace it tends to be more grey/blue.You can also make a "tea". Withhold approx 20% of your lye water, adding the indigo powder to the water and set aside. Add this tea to your soap mix at trace.

To get a good blue, avoid using fragrance and essential oils with a strong colour of their own.  Examples of  essential oils that are "white" and should be good to use would be Spearmint, Rosemary, Peppermint and Lavender.  

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INCI: Indigofera tinctoria

Plant parts used: leaves and stems indigo containing plants

Appearance: a fine, green  powder