Water Soluble Plant Colours

Quick Overview

These colours are an excellent choice if you want an all natural coloring.  They are water soluble - we have dissolved them ready for use in vegetable based glycerine.  

They are excellent for Melt & Pour soap.  They are very strong so start just adding a smidgeon, then stir and add more colour if needed.  Tip: dip a clean wooden skewer or tooth pick into the bottle to get a small amount out.  

These colours are PH sensitive which makes them unsuitable for CP soap as the initial high PH makes them morph unpredictably.

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Gardenia Red - 100g
Sweet Potato Purple - 100g
Gardenia Green - 100g
Gardenia Black - 100g


Plant based, all natural colours dissolved in vegetable based glycerine for easy use.

Water soluble

Suitable for:  Melt and Pour Soap where a little goes a long way.  

All PH neutral or near PH neutral formulations.  Hot processed soap.

Not suitable for Cold Process soap where the high PH makes them morph unpredictably.

Water soluble.  Insoluble in Oil.  If using in creams, lotions, shampoo etc. add to water phase.