Madder Root Powder - pink to red

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Of all the red natural soap colorants out there, madder root powder is probably the most popular for soap making as it offers a beautiful shade! Depending on how much is used, It will give your soap a very nice light pink color to a deep, rich red hue. This soap making colorant is great for swirls too as it contrasts very well against other soap colors.

There are different ways to work with madder root powder:

Just add about 2  tablespoon per kg of oils at a light trace. You can use more if you're looking for a darker red. This will give a speckled look.

You can try infusing your oil for a speckle free look. If you infuse it in your base oils, the color becomes more saturated and stronger.

Maybe the easiest way is to make a Madder root  "tea" with the madder powder and boiling water. For a speckle free look; put the liquid through, first a fine sieve, then a coffee filter. Hold back some of the liquid when dissolving your lye (approx. 20% of you total water in the receipe).  Add the cooled tea at trace.

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INCI: Rubia tinctorum

Appearance: a fine, reddish powder