Cationic Guar Gum

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Cationic guar gum is a modified, naturally derived,  high-molecular weight sugar polymer (polysaccharide) combining both thickening and conditioning effects. . 
Excellent non-gelling thickener, viscosity, volume & foam enhancer. As compared to normal guar gum, cationic guar gum has additional conditioning effect due to the quaternary polymer structure. 

Cationic guar gum is film forming, imparts a smooth and silky feel to skin, acts as an anti-irritant and mildness in surfactant systems, and can increase your foam feel and quality. And it's a conditioning agent.

Use: Dissolve in water and stir thoroughly. Guar gum has a high pH >9 in order to thicken the solution that contains the guar gum the pH has to be <7. Add a tiny amount of citric acid or concentrated lemon juice to reach a lower pH and the solution is thickening. Stir well, typical use level is 0.2-2%. 

Applications: Shampoos, conditioners, lotions, creams, body washes, shower gels.

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Derived from the seeds of the guar plant (Cyampopis tetragonolobus)

Appearance: Yellowish powder, characteristic odor.

Soluble in water and  dispersible in glycerin and glycols

INCI Name: Guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride