Coco glucoside & Glyceryl oleate (Lamesoft PO 65)

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Naturally derived from coconut (coco glucoside) and sunflower oil (glyceryl oleate), Lamesoft PO 65 it is an extremely mild and effective cleanser that rinses quickly, it is biodegradable and offers a natural alternative to harsh chemicals.  Use as part of a surfactant system in body wash, face wash, liquid hand soap, shampoo and  conditioner.

This product is especially good in hair products as it can help retain the moisture in the hair, condition and also assists with detangling.

It has some thickening properties due to it's viscosity.  When used for thickening, this product works best in approx. PH 5.

This natural surfactant soap blend is made from coconut oil and sunflower oil. 


Ecocert approved

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Coco Glucoside & Glyceryl Oleate - 1kg


INCI: Coco glucoside & Glyceryl oleate

Tradename: Lamesoft PO65

Uses:  Lipid layer enhancer or the production of surfactant cleansing preparations.

Recommended Usage: 0.5-5%

PH 3-4