Powders, Minerals & Clays


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We are stocking a large selection of natural, naturally derived and safe synthetic ingredients for your personal care products.



Acid Ingredients

We carry a range of acids for lowering the PH of your product and for use in effervescent products.




Alkaline Ingredients

These powders are mainly used in detergent powder formulations such as laundry powders, dishwash powders etc. They are used as builders, fillers or sequestering agents. In personal care products they can be used in effervescent products and in soap. These ingredients will increase the PH of your product.





Starches and carbohydrates give you the opportunity to manufacture a wide range of natural powder products




Fatty acids

The fatty acids and their metallic salts can be used in the manufacture of soaps and solid deodorant sticks.




Minerals & Clays

This category is a combination of natural powders mined from the earth and used for face masks, sunscreens, bath salts, lotions and creams.