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DRY-FLO PCDRY-FLO PC starch is a unique, hydrophobically modified natural polymer. It can be used as a talc replacement in body powders adsorbing moisture without caking. In color cosmetics, DRY-FLO PC starch can be incorporated into liquid or powdered makeup to improve aesthetics of the formulas and to adsorb excess oil from the skin. The most distinctive property of DRY-FLO PC starch is its ability to mitigate greasiness produced by oils and occlusive agents used in lotions, creams, and ointments. In both aqueous and anhydrous products for skin care DRY-FLO PC starch reduces the perceived oiliness of formulations, leaving a soft, dry, and matte finish on the skin. 

How to use:  

  • To incorporate Dry-Flo pre-slurry the powder into glycerine or propylene glycol or similar and add to your main batch in the cool down phase below 55 degrees celcius or you can add the powder directly to your batch slowly with continuous mixing when it reaches this same temperature. 

  • To incorporate this product into anhydrous formulations such as balms and salves, melt all oils and waxes and slowly sift the powder in while stirring until well blended. In oil anhydrous formulas, Dry-Flo is unaffected by temperatures up to approx. 70 degrees Celsius

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INCI: Aluminium Starch Octenylsuccinate

Applications: Skin Creams / Lotions, Oil Control Gels, Fairness Creams, Prickly Heat Powders, Sun Screens, Deodorant Sticks, Liquid Talcs, Oinments.
Foundations, Lipsticks, Liquid Make-up, Loose & Pressed Powders, Eye Liners, Eye Shadows, Mascara

Usage: Common Usage 1-30% in emulsions, 5-80% in powders Appearance: fine, white powder