NatraSorb Bath

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NATRASORB BATH starch is able to absorb and carry large quantities of oils and liquid. The starch is processed in a manner that creates unique 'pockets' that can carry the oils essentially in a solid, powder form. NATRASORB BATH starch is hydrophilic so that once the starch comes in contact with water, it immediately dissolves, releasing loaded oils, fragrances and/or emulsifiers, dispersing them into the warm water. The starch itself provides a soft feel to the bath water, but does not settle or leave a film.

This powder is very bulky for its weight.  Ex. 8 cups weighs only 200 grams.  We are loving this ingredient especially in fizzy or foaming bath bombs where it keeps the product from activating in moist environment and also gives a strong fragrance throw, meaning you can go lighter on the fragrance.  

Tip 1:  Add the fragrance to the Natrasorb bath first and mix to work the fragrance in for optimal scent hold.  Then add the other ingredients in your formulation.

Tip 2: A little goes a long way with this ingredient.  If your formulations calls for starch, you can replace part of your regular starch with Natrasorb Bath starch 

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Natrasorb Bath - 200 grams (8 cups)
Natrasorb Bath - 1kg


INCI: Tapioca starch

Application: Bath & Shower Products; Powder