Tapioca Powder

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This is natural, unmodified tapioca (cassava) starch.  

Tapioca starch has many uses in cosmetic formulations;  It can substitue corn starch and arrowroot powder in any formulation.  Compared to corn starch, tapioca gives a smoother, silkier feel. Used in body butters, mousses, creams and lotions it gives a silky, less greasy feel.  It can be used to absorb and hold fragrance and carrier oils dispersing these in contact with water making it a useful ingredient in bath products.  It can replace talc in face and body powders and antipersperants.  It can also be used as a thickener and viscosity enhancer.  

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INCI:  Manihot esculenta (Tapioca) starch

Appearance: fine, white powder

Scent: none

Products:  bath bombs, face and body powders, make up, antiperspirants, creams, lotions 

Gluten free