Sericite Mica

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This silky silver powder is the ideal base for your eye shadows and foundation bases. Combined with coloured pigments and micas, the result is excellent slip and very soft skin feel while giving colour great long lasting adhesion to the skin without clogging pores. 

This is untreated sericite mica with no additives.  It is colourless and will increase the translucency of your products. 

Excellent for light to medium coverage for normal to dry skin. 

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Sericite Mica - 100g
Sericite Mica - 30 g


Uncoated, Untreated sericite mica with no additives

Appearance: Colourless, matte, fine powder.  Translucent, with low opacity/whiteness

Products: Use in mineral makeup, foundations, powders, eye shadows. Can be used as a talcum substitute. Approved for general cosmetic use, including eyes

Usage: Up to 100% in powdered products

Adhesion: Good

Slip: nice, silky glide

Absorbency:  OK, but not suitable as the primary ingredient in products for oily skin

Light scattering properties:  Does reflect light but does not give a "glow" or glittery appearance

Shelf Life: Indefinite if stored covered and kept cool & dry