Comfrey Leaves

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Comfrey is a great herb for adding natural green color to your soaps. Infused in oils, this will add all the benefits of this wonderful herb and bring natural label appeal to your products.

Grind into a powder with pestle and mortar, or put through a coffee grinder on finest setting. Then simply add the powder at a light trace and stir into the soap. This happens to be one of the natural soap colorants that work very well by adding the powdered botanical at trace.  Alternately, you can infuse the powder into one of your liquid oils before using the oil in your recipe. 

This herb can also be made into a pouitice and applied to skin for healing. The active ingredient in comfrey is allantoin, which has been shown to speed up cell regeneration and assist wound healing.

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Dried organic comfrey leaves.

Due to the presence of allantoin, which helps to stimulate cell reproduction this herb is traditionally called "knitbone" and helps encourage wound healing.

Will also help reduce inflammation and is a great source of vitamin B12

Botanical name: Symphytum