Black Pepper Oil

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Black Pepper Oil is extracted from the fresh seeds of a flowering vine.  The fruit of this vine is often dried and used as a seasoning; pepper corns.  

The essential oil of the seeds (or fruit) is excellent used in small quantities added to scent blends where it lends an interesting complexity to the blend.  Excellent in soap and candle fragrance blends.  

The essential oil has a much warmer, woodier scent than the spice itself. It's definitely spicy, but in a sophisticated and complex manner. It has been described as having a spiciness like clove, a crispness like rosemary, and a woodiness like cedarwood.

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Botanical Name: Piper Nigrum

Part of the plant used: seeds (or fruit)

Extraction Method: steam distillation

Origin: India

Blends well with:  most essential oils - from citrus, spice and floral. Excellent with bergamot, clary sage, rosemary, grapefruit, cedarwood and lavender.